Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis Ball Machine – Terms of Use
We’re excited to offer you the use of the club’s tennis ball machine and we hope, in return, that you will agree to follow the following guidelines (pdf instructions for the machine can be downloaded by clicking on this link):
The machine is locked up by the Kitchen entrance. Once you have paid your access fee you will be given the access code for your use only. Please lock the machine once you have finished your session.


1) Booking the Machine:
a. The machine must be added to a court via the online booking system; it will only appear as a bookable option during the hours of use
b. Booking sessions can last for 30/60/90 minutes
c. Please consider whether you can use the machine with another member as it  works equally well in pairs
d. Back to back bookings are not allowed


2) Hours of Use:
a. Monday to Thursday:
i. Off-Peak only, not between 6.30pm and 9pm
b. Friday:
i. All Day, no restrictions
c. Saturday and Sunday
i. After 5pm during the Winter Season (September to March)
ii. After 6pm during the Summer Season (April to July)
Please use the machine only if there is a free court.


3) Courts:
a. The ball machine can be used on courts 5,6,7,8


4) Tennis Balls:
a. Only use the tennis balls provided with the machine
b. Consider players on other courts at all times by ensuring that the selection of drills does not affect their enjoyment of play on their own court.
i. For example, if you are practicing cross-court drills you should set the machine such that your shots are played away from the other court, not towards it. You may need to move the machine from one end of the court to the other…
c. Collect all tennis balls at the end of each drill and at the end of each session


5) Returning the Machine:
a. Collect all balls and put them back into the ball carrier provided
b. Fold the Machine’s ‘hopper’ down for moving
c. Return the machine and the ball holder to the storage area
d. Plug the machine in to the charger
e. Lock the machine using the combination lock provided
Instructions for Use:
We have laminated the instructions and attached them to the machine. Please follow them to get the best use out of the machine.

For any questions or if you need more information, please contact Club Secretary: