Men's Team Tennis

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Men's team practice night is Tuesday.

The aim is to improve the quality of tennis in all the teams representing the Club in the Surrey League, and to get all six teams in the highest division possible. In order to achieve our aim, one central need has emerged from all the captains: To field their strongest side at all times.  This is not always possible and all of the squad play a part within a season.

As a squad player, it is up to you to prove to your Team Captain that you should be in his strongest side.  Play regularly, arrange friendlies with team mates and attend team practice sessions.  It is difficult to compare players of a similar standard unless they compete against each other.  No captain will unnecessarily change a winning team, but they do take factors such as commitment, reliability and availability when making selections.

New players wishing to be considered for team tennis must contact Amir Syed, Mens Team Captain.  He will contact the appropriate Team Captain for assessment.  All results are recorded and players may move up, down or even out of the teams after the end of season assessment meeting.

Amir Syed (Head of Men's Teams MPLTC)


Amir Syed (c)
Gary Duncan
Roger Hill
Steve Vance
Patrik Ewe


David Knipe (c)
Gareth Nicol
Tony Glading
Paul Marchant
Mike Randle
John Carroll


Max Green (c)
Dan Whitmarsh
Ben James
Dan Champion
Tony Latham
Dom Jurkas

4th Blue

Dominic Adams (c)
Andrew Ratcliffe
Jason Krohn
Thomas Moore
Dan Weir
Tim Magnus
Ben Seales

4th Red

Jon Grayson (c)
Lee Phillips
Sean Kennedy
Jack Sylvester
Matt Cornford
Mark Dooley


Tom Hill (c)
David Sheard
Rob Allard
Toby Feakins
Tom Kemp
Stuart Brown
Tom Holland
Ed Donnelly