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Men's Singles League - NOW LIVE!

The latest round of the men's singles league is now live! The round will run from now until the end of April. Following feedback from the last few rounds, the rules around participation have been updated, so please read carefully.  As ever, bar vouchers are up for grabs for the winner and now also for the runner up provided the minimum number of matches have been played.  For the success of the league, please do ensure you contact your opponents to organise your matches - we'd suggest setting up a Whatsapp group for your division of the leagues as a good way to get things going!  As ever, good luck and above all ENJOY!

1. Matches are the best of 2 standard sets followed by a championship tiebreak deciding set.

2. You are responsible for uploading your results to the website 

3. One point is awarded for every match played, 1 point for every set won, 1 point for every match won and 1 bonus point if you complete all your matches.

4. You MUST play a minimum of 3 matches in the round to be eligible to win the bar vouchers and to be eligible to participate in the next round of the league - we have implemented this rule following feedback from frustrated league members who were unable to get their fellow league members to play

5. If you are injured you MUST contact the bookings team at bookings@mpltc.org.uk and your opponents as soon as you are unable to play - we will try and find someone to replace you in the round.  If you do not contact anyone until the end of the round you will be removed from the next round.

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