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Cardio Tennis - begins March!

Cardio tennis will be run by our new coach, Callum Brosnan. 3 weeks of taster sessions will begin on Monday 5th March with a 6 week course beginning on the 9th April.  Sessions are open to all members - full and guest.   Sessions will last an hour beginning at 11:30am.  At only £10 a session what are you waiting for!  Penny Sloman will be managing the bookings initially, please contact Penny by emailing Penny at penny@sloman.org or by calling her on 07770 944 634


What is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio tennis is a fun, high intensity, cardio vascular workout open to all ages and abilities. It is played on a tennis court and run to music. The aim is to hit a high volume of tennis balls with some footwork patterns in between to keep you moving and get those steps in. Bring your fitness tracker along (if you have one) and challenge yourself!




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