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The Booking System - FAQs

We've had a number of queries over the past couple of months about the booking system, so in an attempt to clear up the rules around bookings and how it all works, we've put together a short set of FAQs.


  • When does the booking system open? The booking system opens at 8:30AM 7 days in advance i.e. if you wanted to book for a Thursday you'd be able to do so the Thursday beforehand from 8:30AM - no bookings can be made by any user before 8:30AM, only admin users have the right to put in special bookings prior to the booking system opening.
  • Why are some bookings in the system before the booking system opens? Special bookings that are made prior to the booking system opening are made by admins for the following types of bookings: team matches, AEGON matches, tournament matches on the designated tournament courts during the tournament period, Surrey singles and doubles matches and discretionary bookings if a members court has been cancelled for any reason.
  • Can I make a booking during club social periods? No user can make bookings during club social periods which are: Saturday and Sunday 1PM until 7PM and Wednesday 6:30PM until 10PM.  If for some reason the social period has not been blocked out in the system and the user is able to make a booking within the system, they will not be permitted to use the court when they come down to the club and will have to join in social with other club members if they want to play.

To make a special booking or for any queries, please send an email to bookings@mpltc.org.uk

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