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Aegon Team 2 Update

We had a fantastic afternoon at Maggie Park on Sunday - it was one of those days that makes you realise that this club is special, and there is something here that we just don't see at other clubs. When you're on court and you have 20-40 odd mates cheering you on it just doesn't get any better - so thank you for that - now and in the future!
First, there was the 5th team vs 6th team Surrey doubles match, which had tremendous support and after sharing the points the teams and fans hit the terrace to watch the Aegon 2nds play their singles matches.
Raynes park David Lloyd 2 doesn't sound like a team/club with much pedigree, but they brought with them two 2.1s, two 3.2s and a 4.2 for the match so we thought we might be joining the Maggie Park Massive on the terrace via the bar in a couple of short hours. However, the boys dug in and delivered some of the best results of their 'careers':
We won the four singles matches 3 to 1:
Matt Chrisp, the unlikely 1st seed given current form delivered an even unlikelier result against their first seed with a TB win, after having a match point at 5-3 in the 2nd set. Playing aggressively seemed to work...who would have known?
Nick Poulton unfortunately encountered a GT after having a few too many G&Ts the night before...and he was on the terrace pretty quickly.
Lee Phillips beat a 3.2 who didn't miss a shot in the 2nd set - between the 2 of them there was possibly some of the cleanest hitting maggie park has ever seen. Lee saved 2 match points in the TB and finally won it 11-9...all class
Andy Ratcliffe just loves a TB - he's won five on the trot he tells me...something tells me maybe they're not quite the '50:50' that people complain of when they fall on the losing side of one! He beat a 4.2 in a solid performance.
Then, on to the doubles and needing just one more win to seal the match. Andy and Nick played a fantastic match, beating the other pair by delivering an awesome first set and Match Tie Break performance. Randomly, on one point Andy delivered the 'best performance in a losing point' I've ever seen...perhaps there should be an Oscar for that?
In the other pair, Reynes park swapped one 2.1 for the other and Lee and I had our work cut out for us. We had a slow start but picked up in the 2nd set and managed to force a tie-break, which we lost 10-4. Lee was epic.
So, 5 match tie-breaks and 4 wins - this one could have gone either way for sure! We were stoked it went ours, stoked to have the support, and stoked Barry waited until we were finished to pour us a round of Estrellas before he closed the bar.

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