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Court Bookings

We are excited to see that our membership continues to grow and is now at record levels.  Peak court time is our most valuable asset and with higher numbers of members we are seeing demand for court time increase considerably.  Your Committee is focused on making sure that our courts are used as efficiently as possible. Recently we restricted the booking period to one week, rather than two, to reduce the number of late cancellations which were resulting in empty courts at peak times. We are seeing positive results from this and we’ll continue to monitor the impact in the coming months.

Another significant cause of empty peak courts is members’ placing bookings in the middle of peak, midweek sessions. When members make90 minute court bookings starting at 7.30pm or, to a lesser extent, 8pm, we often see the court empty for the periods before and after that booking. One ill-timed booking can take a court out of play for the whole night.

So, we have amended the booking rules to disallow 90 minute bookings commencing at 7.30pm. Our systems don't allow us to stop these bookings being made, but any bookings made can be deleted if the committee is alerted to such a booking. We encourage members to inform the secretary if you see an infringing booking.

In addition to this change, while not restricting bookings commencing at 8pm, we ask you to show consideration wherever possible by placing your booking at 8.30pm instead (Fridays are ok).

We are happy to hear any feedback on the above changes

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