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MPLTC Men's Singles League - The Action Starts Here!

MPLTC Men's Singles League - The Action Starts Here!

The new men's singles league is NOW LIVE! Simply log into the leagues area of the website to find out which box you are in and who your opponents are. For those new to the leagues, or those that need a memory jog, all the details about the men's singles league are listed below. You have until mid-March to complete all your matches. Have fun and good luck!


Match Rules


To ensure matches are completed within 90 minutes, players should play the best of two normal sets followed by a championship tie-break third set if required.


How we work out the boxes


The top two players from each round are promoted and the bottom two relegated, new players are assessed by the team captain and placed into the appropriate league.


Reporting Results


Make sure to log in to the leagues area of the website and enter your results after every match.  We can't take into account results if we don't know them!


Organising Matches


Please be proactive about organising matches and reply promptly to emails/text messages - even if you can't play!  If you are injured or can no longer play, please ensure to let your opponents and the league organisers know so you can be substituted.


Winners of each box get bar vouchers! (Minimum of 3 matches must be completed...)

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