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Ball Machine Dummies Guide!

A Dummies guide to the ball machine:

This guide assumes that you have already paid up and read the terms of use, and are now standing over the machine wondering what to do!

1) moving it to the court: please lift rather than drag the machine up and down steps/bumps/ledges. Walk with the machine following you along the flats
2) set the ball machine on the centre of the baseline.
3) press and hold the on button until the machine fires up
4) aim it up the court broadly straight
5) press the 'test' button to fire one ball. It should land within a foot of the service tee. If too long or short, use the +/- buttons to adjust. If left or right, aim the machine a little then press test again. Repeat until ball lands within 1 foot of the tee.
6) start with a basic drill, like a baseline oscillation, to get used to the machine.
To do this:
a) select the drill
B) edit the pace, depth, spin etc using the arrows (up and down to change the feature and +/- to increase or decrease.
Once you're happy, hit the play/pause button, wait for the light above the button to stop blinking, and observe one round of the drill (up to 5 balls). If the pace, depth and angles are fine then double press the pause/play button. Run to the other end of the court and play!

The drills etc are all different and you should try them all, it really is trial and error to see which ones you like. You'll get more familiar with it the more you use it!

Once your time is up you must collect all the balls and follow the rest of the return procedure per the terms of use.


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