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Surreys Winter Knock Out

Magdalen performed fantastically at the recent Summer Surrey knock out and the winter competition entries close on 28th August.


The link for the entries is here http://www3.lta.org.uk/Competitions/Competition/?ctn=1-8F08R8R


Full details from Surrey are below:



The following events are being held for Winter 2016/2017:


Men’s Singles Men’s Doubles
Men’s Over 35 Singles Men’s Over 45 Doubles*
Men’s Over 45 Singles* Men’s Over 55 Doubles*
Men’s Over 55 Singles*
Men’s Over 60 Singles*

Ladies’ Singles Ladies’ Doubles
Ladies’ Over 35 Singles Ladies’ Over 40 Doubles*
Ladies’ Over 40 Singles* Ladies’ Over 50 Doubles*
Ladies’ Over 50 Singles* Ladies’ Over 60 Doubles*
Ladies’ Over 60 Singles*

Mixed Doubles
Mixed Doubles (Men’s Over 45/Ladies Over 40)*

Scoring Format:

In the event that matches reach one set all, events marked * will be decided by a match tie break (first player/pair to reach 10pts with a two point advantage) instead of a third set. In these events if both players would prefer to play a full third set and have agreed this prior to the start of the match then we are happy for players to compete on this basis. The match result will still be recorded according to the scoring format of the event.

Competition regulations:

Please remember that for these events;

Rule 10 (j) The club pair or player drawn at home shall offer to the opposing club, pair or player at least 3 dates, one of which shall be the round date, and the other two shall be prior to the round date. This applies to all competitions except those where a fixed date is in force.

Rule 17 If a player be absent without good cause when called upon to play at the expiration of thirty minutes from the time agreed for commencement of the match his opponent or opponents shall be entitled to one love set, and at the expiration of sixty minutes a further love set.

All other competition regulations remain as set out in the County Regulations, which can be downloaded from the County webpage – http://www.tennissurrey.org.uk/surrey-competition-regulations


The finals date for all events is Saturday 1st April 2017 at the National Tennis Centre.

Players that are unable to compete in the final will be expected to take the necessary action at match point in the semi finals.

All matches must be completed to final stage at least 10 days prior to the final. If this is not the case, the winner will be determined by the Chair of Competitions together with the relevant Event Organiser.


All seedings will be agreed by the seeding group and will take into account player rating and playing standard. When considering playing standard, results from previous events may be reviewed and the seeding group will consider players that are not accurately rated, injured players and those players returning from a long period out of the game.

Fair Play:

Tennis Surrey supports the LTA Fair Play policy, we expect all players competing in these events to also commit to these principles. Further details of the policy can be found at https://www.lta.org.uk/play/the-basics/fair-play/

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