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Surreys Finals Report

It was a lovely sunny day in Purley last Sunday, for the Surrey finals day, with Team Maggie in a whopping 6 finals across the day. Unfortunately we started off badly with Mike & Amir having to pull out of the Mens 45+ doubles which would have according to Amir, ‘Would have been a walk in the park, old Man never loses!’.

So back to the action and first of our 5 finalists was Chris Rolfe who after his set back in the MPLTC tournament, was back to his normal game of reaching finals. He came up against Mark Eori, who can only be descirbed as a character, after Chris took the first set Mark requested the crowd be moved due to bright tops and the advertising boards be taken down. Unfortunatly that seemd to work for the big serving Westside player who went on to defeat Crhis in a tight 3 sets (He also won the doubles, mixed and the Biggest Diva of the day)

Next up was Daisy (Seed 4) who was straight away into a groundstroke battle with Ellie Cross (seed 1, who had home advantage coming from Purley). Ellie came out firing and won the first set 6-2, with a vocal home crowd’s support, Daisy then fought back in a Marathon second set coming through 7-6 with help form the now arrived Maggie thaithful. Ellie was rattled and the crowd had turned, could Daisy come through… unfortunately Ellie was seeing the ball big and Daisy went down fighting 6-3 in the final set.

This meant we were 0 out of 3 at the half way point, up stepped Pat 'Hattrick' Ewe, who was on a roll form his excellent finals day at MPLTC. His opponent was the immovable object from Leatherhead Dan Carpenter. Pat took the first set 6-4 with some big groundstorks and delicious net play. Dan then took to the slice game and hacked his way back into the match taking the set. Into the third we went for the third time that day, Pat stepped it up and took the third set 6-4 notching up the first win for Maggie… could the remaining competitors be inspired by Pat’s win…

Toby & Tom stepped onto court to one cheer from Sarh Seaholme who took home the Maggie fan of the day award! They then preceeded to get broken twice within the first 3 games, taking themselves into a 3-0 defecit, what was going on? Had Feakins been out for a few Beers, had tom not got his usual lunch of Haribo? Not to worry, they then broken back straight away and got into a lead of 4-3 with some great Volleying and lovely groundstrokes splitting the opposition at the net. It then went with serve and at 5-4 they broke to tale the first set. The second set was much of the same, tight services games, with some good rallies and both pairs playing well. At 5-4 up their advantage Feakins & Hill managed to butcher a huge match winning opportunity, that could have knocked a lesser pair of their game, but the duo managed to take it to a tie-break and then it was clean sailing with them taking it 7-3. So that meant it was 2 wins for Maggie for the day.

Up last on court was the maggie park equivalent of the Bryan brothers, Daisy & Meg Leckie. There opponents had been in great spirits after watching Daisy play a marathon 3 set’s earlier in the day, but as soon as she walked on court, they realised she was here to win! They took the first set with some huge groundstrokes, lovely inside out forehands and Meg dominating the net. The second was a tight affair with Meg & daisy just losing out to the tall pair from WestSide. Once again for the fourth time of the day, the Maggie players were into the final (long) third set. Daisy & Meg took a great lead, but the side from Westside came back with some great net play and a couple of flukey off the frames. It was level at 6-6, then 7-7, then 8-8, Daisy serves and puts the pair up 9-8… Up steps the opposition rock Caroline who had not lost a service game all day, at 30-30 we were thinking could we be going to 62-60? But then the unthinkable happened and the the Westside player crumbles by the fear of the Leckies returns and hits two doubles faults in a row to lose the match 10-8 in the final set.

An excellent day for Maggie Park, hope to see more of us there next year.


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