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How to Book Courts

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Logging In for the First Time

Before logging in for the first time, you need to obtain your password.  To do this:

  • click on the Forgotten Password link (top right of this page) and enter your Username and then click Submit.  The Username is usually your first initial & surname as one word, that's your Username - e.g. Roger Ferderer's = rfederer or Andy Murray's = amurray
  • The system will generate a new password and email it to you.
    NB the system password will always contain seven characters, which may include letters, numbers and special characters such as full stops, commas, brackets etc.  Be sure to enter the seven characters exactly as shown when you come to log in.

Making Bookings and Checking In

To Log-in & to book courts go to the Court Bookings page, enter your Username and Password. After logging in with the system-generated password, you will see a Change Password option in the top right of the screen.  This enables you to change your password to something more memorable to you.

You can book courts from any computer, smart phone or tablet via our website or at the booking kiosk at the club for up to One Week in advance.  Remember to use the Duration button to book 30/60/90 minutes, before selecting your court.

To make the most of court availability 90 minute bookings commencing at 7.30pm are not allowed.  Our systems don't allow us to stop these bookings being made, but bookings can be deleted.  We encourage members to inform the Secretary if you see an infringing booking.  While not restricting bookings commencing at 8pm, we ask you to show consideration wherever possible by placing your booking at 8.30pm instead.

Please make sure that on arriving at the club you check in before you play.  You can only check in whilst at the club, you can cancel from anywhere.
Go to the bookings sheet, click on your booking, click the blue Check In button and enter your password where prompted.  Please do not close the browser.
It's as simple as that.  If you do not log-in for any reason it will count as a no-show.  Two no-shows will mean that the booking system will suspend your booking rights.  If you can't play for any reason, including inclement weather, cancel your booking.
The system is very unkind to people that don't cancel or check in and it will lock out errant members for a month.

Please never ever use other members log-in details.  For Booking System Rules please click here.